claude monet

We have selected Monet Painting as the world's very best website on Claude Monet.

The website is published as a tribute to the French artist Claude Monet who was one of the founders of the impressionist movement. Monet lived from 1840 to 1926 and is buried in the church cemetery at Giverny. His house and garden at Giverny, with its waterlily pond and bridge, is a popular tourist attraction

The Monet Painting website is organized into the following main sections: Painting, Monet News, Monet' Most Popular Works, Monet Places, and Monet Prints & Posters. One of the goals of the website is to create an online databse of the work of Claude Monet, so that the average navigator can enjoy the oevre of Monet. The digital images, of which the website contains more than 600, are intended as a springboard to the enjoyment of the real works in museums all over the world.  

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