We have selected Circopedia as the world's very best website on Circus.

The Circopedia website was established by The Big Apple Circus, with the support of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, in 2007. The objective of the Circopedia website is to use the internet to help the public understanding and appreciation of circus as a global artistic and cultural phenomenon. 

The curator and editor-in-chief of the project is Dominique Jando, who is a leading circus historian and former associate artistic director of the Big Apple Circus. He is assisted by Charles Forcey, who acts as Technical Producer and Information Architect through his firm Historicus Inc. The office of Circopedia is on the 19th Floor of 505 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018.
The Circopedia website is building an archive on circus history of extraordinary scope and depth. The main sections are: Circus Artists & Acts, Circus Acts by Specialty, Circuses, Circus Owners & Directors, Circus Festivals, Circus History, Oral Circus History, Circus Photo Archive, Circus Video Archive, CircusArt Gallery, Circus Glossary, and Circus Links. Within each of these sections there are extensive listings, complete with articles and downloadable video clips. For example, the Circus Acts by Specialty section includes articles on: Acrobats, Aerialists, Animal Trainers, Bicycle Acts, Cloud Swing, Contortionists, Flying Acts, Free Ladder, Hand Balancers, High Wire, Jugglers, Ringmasters, Slack Wire, Strap Acts, Swining Trapeze, Teeterboard, Thrill Acts, Tight Wire, Trampoline, Trick Ropers, Unicycle, and Ventriloquists.
An outstanding website, strongly recommended as a comprehensive source of information about circus.

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