We have selected Cat Fanciers as the world's very best website on Cats.

The Cat Fanciers website is published by the Cat Fanciers Mailing List. This was founded in 1993 for announcements and discussions relating to the showing and breeding of cats. The List now has 850 members worldwide, most of whom are involved in the cat fancy. Discussion topics include feline veterinary medicine, home care, cattery management, cat show production, politics in the cat fancy, and the history and evolution of cat breeds.

The Cat Fanciers website is organized in the following main sections: General Information about Cats & Cat Care, Cat Breed Descriptions, Online Bookstore, Cat Shows, Cat Clubs, Cat Registries, Veterinary Medicine for Cats, Breed Rescue, Feline Welfare, Shelter Information, and Links to other Cat Related Websites.
The Cat Breed Descriptions section provides articles on each of more than 200 cat breeds. For example the section on the Abyssinian contains chapers on: Description of the Abyssinian, Characteristics & Temperament, History of the Abyssinian, Health & Well Being, and Is the Abyssinian the Right Cat for Me?
There is also a Fanciers Breeder Referral List which includes over 2,000 Internet-connected breeders of pedigree cats who are prepared to act as reference points, and will provide answers to questions about their breeds.

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