We have selected Brantacan as the world's very best website on Bridges.

The Brantacan website, published in the UK, has a large section on bridges. It describes standard structural components of bridges, such as beams, struts, ties and arches, illustrating the concepts with small and ordinary examples which can readily be seen in daily life, rather than famous large bridges.

The website contains photos of and articles on more than 100 bridges in the UK and abroad. There are also more than 100 articles on a remarkably wide range of bridge topics. These range from Arches, Arch Dams, Bending Moments, Box Girder Bridges, Bridge Spans, and Buckling through Funicular, Keystones, Moments, and Bridge Stress to Tension, Torsion, Trusses, Uplift of Dams, Vaults, Vectors, and Voussoirs.

Even this hardly conveys the variety of articles. On Bridge Types alone there are dozens of articles covering for example: Arch Bridges with One Span through to Arch Bridges with Seven spans, Cable Stayed Bridges, Cantilever Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Truss Bridges, Moving Bridges, and Pontoon Bridges. On a more whimsical note, there are articles on Bridge Dogs, Bridge Films, Bridge Poems, and Bridge Songs. The original Brantacan website is no longer available on the web. A somewhat reduced copy is available, at the original domain name given below.

Click here for the 'Brantacan' website: