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We have selected Beekeepers Home Pages as the world's very best website on Bees and Beekeeping.

The Beekeeper's Home Pages website is produced in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by beekeeper Ron Miksha. His day job is as a geophysicist, working for Lynx Information Systems Ltd. of Calgary. Lynx produces and supplies gravity, mag, landsat, and digital elevations, prepped and geo-rectified for exploration work

The Beekeeper's Home Pages website is organized into the following main sections: Books, Meetings, Beekeeping Beginners, Beekeeping Web Links, Beekeeping News & Rants, Email Answers, Famous Beekeepers, Benny the Bee, Photos, Honey Pages, Queen Bees, and Just Joking about Bees.
The Email Answers section contains answers to frequently asked questions about beekeeping. Topics include: Honey Bee Trivia, Honey Bee Mites, Problems with Bad Bees, The Honey Bee Dance, and Starting a Honey Farm. The Famous Beekeepers listed in that section include: Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin, Brigham Young, E B White, Henry Fonda, Leo Tolstoy, Lord Baden Powell, Maria von Trapp, and Napoleon. Also Sir Edmund Hillary, the Everest pioneer, who was a commercial beekeeper.

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